August 2009

08/16/09 — Just finished a full 10 hours of NAQP, from the starting gun with no breaks.  Now I know why I need some receiving antenna for 40-80-160.  Also know that I need better transmitting antenna on at least 160 and 80.

Band  QSOs  Mults


  160:    1     1

   80:   28    11

   40:  220    41

   20:  388    49

   15:   21    12

   10:    1     1


Total:  659   115  Total Score = 76,444

08/13/09 — Installed the 160m dipole on the crossarm at 75′.  I should have put it up at 105′, but will wait until I get a 2nd crossarm up there, so that I can have more options. Completed the last jumpers from my SixPack to the row of Polyphasers.  Finally have 6 independent bands worth of monoband antenna fully available in the shack.  Finished recording the various *.wav files (including the letters.wav, both letter and phonetic style) for use with N1MM.

08/06/09 — Received, modified and installed the last StackMatch controller.  I’m inching closer to being fully operational.  John WE3C gave me the tip back at Dayton to make a goal to complete at least one task each day on the station.  That was good advice; I’ve tried to do so, and the progress is amazing!

08/02/09 — Made a minor repair to my homebrewed PC-soundcard interface (Icom ProData, from QST March 2002).  Verified operation with N1MM.  Trying to get ready for NAQP SSB on August 15th.  Made a few PSK contacts.

08/01/09 — Mounted a cross arm on the tower at 75′ from which I can suspend two dipoles, etc.  Installed my 80m dipole as inverted Vee at that point.  I had been off 80m since early April, when a limb fell and broke the old dipole which was up 30 feet.

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