In-Band S&P for NAQP – Quick homebrew 1/4 wave vertical

1/21/2023 – This morning I quickly built a 1/4 wave vertical for 15 meters, and the ability to add a stinger for the antenna to function on 20 meters. The antenna is for the exclusive use of the S & P station C which is interlocked with run station B.

The vertical is cross polarized with the yagis on the main tower, so this helps reduce in-band interference.

KD5YS was the exclusive operator today for S&P, and in the first 7 hours of the contest, this antenna and setup added 12% to our total QSO count.

The antenna is 1/2″ EMT. The tilt base is a 2×4 stake driven in the ground, with 3-inch drywall screws serving as the pivot and to keep the pipe vertical. I had some scrap CAT5 cable. I burned 3 inches of the insulation off the ends, cleaned the bare wire in a vinegar and salt solution, then soldered 2 cables into 1 of 4 ring terminals, for a total of 8 random length radials laying on the ground.

January 2023 – NAQP CW at W5WZ M/2

1/14/2023 – Five operators gathered for the Jan-2023 NAQP CW at W5WZ, competing as a M/2 entry. Past efforts from W5WZ have made the “top ten” box, so our goals were high.

With the improving band conditions, we have been looking forward to the 2023 spring series of NAQP contests. About a week ago, I got sick and didn’t feel like doing anything at the station all week.

  • A few items remain undone on the maintenance list:
  • Stringing out the feedline for three “non-mowing season” beverages for NW, SE, SW;
  • Replacing the balun on the KT-34 used for Run2 in-band S&P radio;
  • After recent heavy rains, the 160 Inv-L is non-functional, cause unknown;
  • Middle C-31XR TicRing position pot needed replacing (finished 1.5 hrs before contest start);
  • Need new cable between EA4TX Interlock and K3 at position C;
  • West beverage is deaf, either shorted transformer or open termination resistor.

As for the NAQP CW contest, we gathered a few more ops than normal: station regulars W5WZ, WM5H along with W5LA, KD5YS, and first time guest op K5TS. We knew we wanted to open on 10 and 15 meters, although many times from our location if those bands are open they are too long to sustain good rates for us. So, with that in mind, we began.

Although we didn’t make as many QSOs as we hoped, I think this was as much fun as we’ve ever had in an NAQP CW, and also our highest score, due to the mult counts on the 10 & 15 bands that haven’t been good in several years.

Band QSOs Mults
160: 0 0
80: 318 54
40: 250 60
20: 449 62
15: 307 54
10: 172 36
Total: 1496 266 Total Score 397,936


I drove 4 hours over to Ben Franklin, Texas to participate with the KG5VK team for the 2022 ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB.

There were several firsts for me in this trip: First time to operate from the NTX section. First time to operate a Flex radio, a 6600. First time to operate with Steve KG5VK since he moved from Louisiana to Texas. Check our score on 3830.

It was windy, cold, and the ground was muddy, so I didn’t spend much time outdoors. I didn’t take any photos of the station either. I must be slacking. But Steve did take a picture of me operating!

W5WZ operating at KG5VK during 2022 ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB


This past weekend (Thursday, March 3 to Monday, March 7) was a road trip of 2,200 miles. I drove up to K8AZ for my 9th time as a guest operator for a major DX SSB contest.

As always, I thoroughly enjoy being with Tom and the ‘AZ Crew. Tom has built a fantastic station, and every time I go, there has been an improvement since my previous visit.

During the drive home, I was reflecting on these trips to K8AZ and how many other hams I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie with while there. I’ve shared shack time with 21 hams at the ‘AZ station: AA8OY K3LA K3LEA K8AAV K8AZ K8BL K8MR K8NZ K8RR KE3X N5OT N8AA N8TR ND8L W3YQ W5WZ W8CAR W8WTS W8WWV WB8K WT8C. Lots of fun and memories!

All of the scores are posted on, just use the search in the top right of the 3830 page.

W5WZ and N5OT at K8AZ

2022-Feb NAQP RTTY

2/27/2022 @W5WZ – M/2, ops W5WZ, WM5H, KD5YS

We played well together and in the contest, with an apparrent 4th place finish.

During NAQP RTTY, SWR and RF PWR bargraph seemed weird. High SWR, low RF output. RF power set to 100 watts. Outboard LP-100A power meter showing SWR in normal range and power in normal range. As contest progressed, we noticed zero bars on SWR meter, and a single bar on RF meter. LP-100A was showing 100-126 watts, with normal SWR. After contest, connected a dummy load to the K3 Ant2 (easiest to do; normal antenna connected to Ant1) and the meter behaved the same. It was midnight, so didn’t do any other troubleshooting.

Within a day or two, got a support ticket open with Elecraft.

Maintainence – KT34M2

12/18/2021 — Checking out the KT34M2 in preparation of the NAQP series in January and February has revealed issues on all three bands.

Some queries to TowerTalk and the responses all pointed toward bad coax/water in coax, or loose connections between balun and front driven element and/or rear-driven element. On 1/13/22, we tested the coax and even swapped with another run. Same symptoms. A call to M2 support; they suggested perhaps water in one or more of the capacitors. We tilted the tower over to access the capacitors. Removed all 16 end caps, finding no water. We did, however, find much insect debris and dirt dauber nests. Cleaned all that out with compressed air and a long rod to push through the 3/8″ inner tube. We also verified all the mechanical connections on the driven elements and confirmed good continuity with an ohmmeter. The SWR curves are improved, but still too low.

BIC – An important part of contesting

Keeping your butt in the chair is an important part of contesting. Sometimes the chair is the source of discomfort that leads to diminished BIC time. The chairs in my shack were a mixture of cheap and hand-me-down office task chairs that were not very comfortable.

Mixture of chairs – 3 very cheap task chairs and one moderate quality chair that I selfishly always use.

Yesterday my wife KW5MOM and I were shopping for a new bed for the guest bedroom. I saw some used chairs in the corner and asked about them. The proprietor told me they were $50 each. So I made a deal for five of the Herman Miller chairs.

A pair of the five “new-to-me” Herman Miller chairs, which are highly adjustable.

I hope my shack guests will find them more comfortable. At the very least, all the chairs are the same now.

If you have thoughts or experiences regarding chairs for the contest station, please comment below!

2020 July NAQP RTTY – An apparent 1st place M/2

                North American QSO Party, RTTY - July

Call: W5WZ
Operator(s): W5WZ WM5H
Station: W5WZ

Class: M/2 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12


Band QSOs Mults

80: 151 38
40: 312 53
20: 429 53*
15: 178 38

10: 11 8

Total: 1081 190 Total Score = 205,390

Club: Louisiana Contest Club



And a good time was had by all. 12 hours B.I.C. We had trouble with the
SixPack with 15, 20, and 40 meters. Had to coax jump around the SixPack to use
15 and 40 on the right radio. No time to fix during the contest!

Thanks to all for the QSOs, and especially all the >3 band QSOs.

73, Scott

2020 IARU HF Championship

IARU HF World Championship – 2020

Call: W5EA
Operator(s): W5WZ WM5H K5UZ
Station: W5WZ

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 19


Band CW Qs Ph Qs Zones HQ Mults

160: 12 0 5 2
80: 65 0 14 10
40: 418 0 32 39
20: 474 722 36 39
15: 185 0 15 18

10: 0 0 0 0

Total: 1154 722 102 108 Total Score = 1,219,260

Club: Louisiana Contest Club


With high anticipation, regular ops W5WZ and WM5H had prepared the W5WZ station
for a serious Multi-Single effort for this contest, with full ability for
in-band S&P at full power using EA4TX interlock. A portable tower set up
700 feet west of the main tower, with KT-34XA at 60 feet, an 80-meter dipole at
55 feet, and 40-meter dipole at 45 feet provided sufficient antenna separation.
First-time guest Dave K5UZ joined the team for the effort.

As always the food was excellent, the station performed well – except the air
conditioning – in the 100 degree heat and Louisiana humiditiy it couldn’t keep
up with the ops and 3 amplifiers.

Thanks to all for the QSOs!
–Scott, W5WZ