2010 CW WW SSB – Multi-Multi @ W5WZ

2010 CQ WW SSB — Hosted first ever true multi-multi effort in a DX contest.  What an experience!  With lots of help and a great team of operators (W5WZ, KG5VK, KC4WWL, AA5LA, W5PEM, KA5M, W5DAY, K5SL), we pulled off an effort that I am very proud of.  Comparing to 2009 results, our raw score would be #10 Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter United States!  We watched GETSCORES.ORG, and tracked our performance neck and neck with NE3F (2009 8th place MM USA)


   Band    QSOs     Pts  Cty   ZN

   1.8      29      32    8    6

   3.5     156     349   60   22

     7     408     719   75   27

    14     595    1423  110   36

    21     634    1700  119   33

    28     181     500   33   13

 Total     2003    4723  405  137

Score: 2,559,866

For the contest, we borrowed the local ARES groups (thanks W5KGT) portable crank-up tower and mounted a M2-34XA at 50 feet.  We improvised a 4th operating position, and using some uniquely creative methods were able to switch antennas around and remote control rotators and antenna stack switching (by voice, handy talkie method to reach other room!).

Team W5WZ for the 2010 CQ WW SSB as a Multi-Multi. K5Sl, KG5VK, AA5LA, W5PEM, W5WZ


Lessons learned:

  • Full legal limit on every band is a must if the rules allow it!
  • Better transmit and receive antenna is needed on 40, 80, and 160.
  • Beverage receive antenna are great – must install more and make each independently selectable at every station.
  • Noise cancelling headsets are great (thanks KG5VK!).  I’ve got to get some!
  • Everyone needs to become even more proficient at N1MM.
  • Every rig needs 1.8kHz filters in the narrow position.

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