Hoping to Build another Rohn 55G tower

I’ve had tower sections, EHS, turnbuckles, guy brackets, etc on hand for several years with the desire to erect another tower in the 120-170 foot range. My biggest obstacle has been how to handle a set of guy wires that must cross a driveway. A viable option is to install a guy post. Finding a cost effective steel member has been challenging. But recently I did stumble upon a great deal on some 8″x8″x1/2″ H-beams 21 feet long. With this find, the last obstacle is overcome.

Three H-beams, each 21 feet long
Some of the available hardware as of January 2023

Now it is time to get to work on the planning and designing the tower, antennas, and so on. My initial thoughts are to set this tower with stand alone antennas to allow in-band search and pounce concurrent with operations on the primary tower.

  • A wish list of antennas
  • Two or three Force 12 C-31XR
  • One or two Cushcraft XM-240
  • 2-3 element 30-meter yagi, 24-30 foot boom
  • OWA monobanders for 10, 15, 20; booms up to 48 feet

I also have possession of a pair of KT-34 and a pair of KT-36 tribanders – only one has the M2 machined aluminum upgrades as yet.

What thoughts do you have? How would you design and populate this tower? Please comment below.

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