Station Building Continues

02/28/10 Constructed my first beverage antenna.  It is 285 feet, oriented at 45 degrees.  Average height above ground is 5 feet.  My homebrew feedpoint transformer is of ON4UN design on a FT-114-43 core.  I used the design from the 3rd edition of Low Band DXing by ON4UN as found on page 7-16, figure 7-17.

Now only time will tell if it works!  Right now at 23:32 UTC on 28Feb2010, I hear EA6DX calling CQ on 3.506.


02/23/10 — Made a deal to acquire (2) Tic Ringrotors model 1022D.  Now I’ll be able to rotate the lower 2 antenna!  I hope to get them on the tower before really hot weather gets here.

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