Spring Construction and Work

Late May — Aquired a spare 8877 “pull” for the AL-1500.

Dayton 2010 — I made the trip with K5ER and KC5WA.  I always enjoy the fleamarket and Mendelson’s downtown.  Attended CTU for the 4th consecutive year.  Won the CTU eyeball sprint, edging out N9NB by only a few points.  Enjoyed Wed thru Sat nights in the Contest Super Suite.  Attended the 18th annual Contest Dinner; congrats to Louisiana Contest Club member Don Hill AA5AU for his induction to CQ Hall of Fame.

I always seem to bring home work from Dayton.  I bought the ‘stuff’ to: 1) shunt feed my tower on 80m and 160m (vacuum variable capacitors, 5,500 feet of 12 AWG for radials); 2) enhance my beverage receiving antenna system; 3) continue streamlining control cabling in the antenna switching shed;  and 4) be LOUDER and HEAR better!

05/08/10 — Today I installed the frame and bearing portion of the 1st TIC ring rotor at 85′.  My C-31XR will reside on it.  Looks like it will get completed sometime after returning from Dayton.  

04/14/10 — I pulled control wiring for the 2 new TIC ring rotators thru conduit from the antenna switching shed to Tower #1.  Also made up the cables from the shed to the shack.

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