June Efforts

Late June — My ICE 419B bandpass filter on my 2nd radio failed (unknown to me) while running QRO on 10 meters on the 1st.  The consequence – blown receiver in the 2nd radio (FT-1000MP).  Sent it for repairs to Byron Campbell WA4GEG.  Moved the IC-756P2 to position 1, and am in process of aquiring parts to repair ICE unit.  For now, am only running single radio.

06/13/10 — With help from W5KGT and K5ER, we got the TIC ring at 85 feet completed and the antenna (C31XR) installed.  Now I need to dress the coax and install the rotor cable up to it.   W5KGT and I went up the tower around 7 pm.  I witnessed my first sunset from up a tower.  It wasn’t too bad being on the tower after sunset; in fact, I rather liked the temperature as compared to daytime.

06/05/10 — Installed my new LP-100A from N8LP.  Spent some time cleaning the shack.  Replaced a few old coax jumpers with new, and spent most of the day making some QSOs.  Worked E4X on 20m SSB.

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