Summer Contesting

08/06/11 —  NAQP CW – I had done everything to prepare, to make sure my calendar was clear.  Soon after the contest started, my wife called.  Her suburban was broke down on the side of the interstate, with all 4 of our kids there too.  I left the contest to go retrieve them, then got a friend to go help me retrieve the suburban.  Net result was only 77 QSOs in the contest.

 07/31/11 — Downloaded and registered SH5.  Processed my old logs and uploaded results to my website. Go to that data here:

 07/16/11 — IARU contest – I sure shot myself in the foot.  I didn’t read the rules closely enough, and did not observe the 10-minute band change rule, so I had to submit as a checklog.  I won’t soon forget that mistake.

06/25-26/11 —  Operated with Twin City Ham Club, W5EA for ARRL Field Day.  We were 2A – one SSB and one CW station + VHF + GOTA.  Several members of the LCC were on hand.  For the SSB station, we stacked a pair of KLM-KT34A at 30/60 feet.  When the smoke settled, W5EA had made just under 3,200 QSOs.

06/10/11 — Heading out to QTH of K5QE to operate in the June VHF   

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