This past weekend (Thursday, March 3 to Monday, March 7) was a road trip of 2,200 miles. I drove up to K8AZ for my 9th time as a guest operator for a major DX SSB contest.

As always, I thoroughly enjoy being with Tom and the ‘AZ Crew. Tom has built a fantastic station, and every time I go, there has been an improvement since my previous visit.

During the drive home, I was reflecting on these trips to K8AZ and how many other hams I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie with while there. I’ve shared shack time with 21 hams at the ‘AZ station: AA8OY K3LA K3LEA K8AAV K8AZ K8BL K8MR K8NZ K8RR KE3X N5OT N8AA N8TR ND8L W3YQ W5WZ W8CAR W8WTS W8WWV WB8K WT8C. Lots of fun and memories!

All of the scores are posted on 3830scores.com, just use the search in the top right of the 3830 page.

W5WZ and N5OT at K8AZ

2 Replies to “2022 ARRL DX SSB @ K8AZ”

  1. That was totally a high point in my contesting life, Scott. I had a great time operating alongside you. We will have to do that again!

    73 – Mark N5OT

    1. Mark, thank you for the comment AND the compliment! Of course, the K8AZ station is at the heart of this too. All of my trips to Tom’s fine station have been great experiences for me; likewise, this time alongside you was especially fun. And yes, we will have to be on the same contest team again, hopefully many times! Thanks again!
      73, Scott W5WZ

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