Moving Day!

I moved my first desk and equipment into the shack. More pictures can be found in the photo album. I must still install my grounding panel and route all coax and control cables into the shack for my existing antennas.  Once the new tower is up, there will be a major overhaul of coax and control cabling to accommodate the several changes and new antenna that will be installed.

Website Updates

I added my terrain profiles to the website.  I added a few new exterior pictures.  I edited The Station page to reflect the current op position now in the new shack.

Why is my call sign W5WZ?

My FCC issued call was KD5CAS, and after my upgrade to Extra, I wanted to get a 1×2 call.  This was in the days before the “vanity headquarters” website existed.  W5LA was downloading the FCC database daily, and parsing it to find calls that were going to be coming available.  However, during the late summer and early fall of 1999, the FCC temporarily suspended vanity call processing.

We continued to watch the situation.  I knew that I wanted a 1×2 from the 5th call district, and I knew that I preferred a W call.  We determined that there were going to be two calls meeting those criteria that would be available in November 1999.

So, as required by the FCC process, a paper application was mailed to one location, and a money order to another, in the hopes that my application would be the first in line on the date the FCC resumed processing vanity calls.

I only put one of the two available calls on the application.  Why?  Because absolutely, positively I DID NOT WANT to forever known as Whisky Five Mike Foxtrot! 

Now you know why my call is W5WZ!